Chillin' Out, Maxin', Relaxin' all cool

I shot this post at the farmers market at the grove in California. I loved the feel of the farmers market, it was so unique from a regular shopping day at the grove. 

This past weekend I had the worst cold ever! Body aches, stuffy nose, watery eyes, I was a mess. Whenever I am sick I always think about how lucky other people are that they are not sick right now and how I take for granted being able to breathe through my nose. I know it's dumb but simple things like that really make all the difference. I know I can easily take these little things for granted, but I need to remember how lucky I really am and how lucky I am that I just have a cold rather than something more serious. Every once in a while I think we all need a "cold" or something to bring us back to reality. It's not always the best feeling but I have to remember how lucky I really am even when things do not go my way. 



  1. Love these vibes! These are the best!

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    1. Yes Ma'am! it was so fun! Thanks for your comment!

  3. Love that you shot this look at the Grove!
    Such a cute skirt!

  4. You look so pretty girl <3

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    1. Awh thanks Edye! I love reading your comments and your blog!