6 Reasons You Should Read My Blog

I know I always post on social media about reading my new post, or trying to advertise my blog without being too over bearing, but it can sometimes be a little much I'm sure. I always try to balance between putting myself out there and being too out there because I think it is important not to be too much of one way. I wanted to encourage everyone to read my blog not because they just stumbled upon it and were wondering what it was about (though I sometimes do that to others) but to actually keep coming back to read it. Here is my list of why you should keep coming back for more!

1. I actually put in a good amount of time thinking and creating content, so if I'm taking 2 hours to create it, you might as well take 2 minutes to read it

2. I struggle with getting things the exact way I want it, I suck at formatting, and most of the time the pictures aren't what I want, but I love what I do, and I think if I love it, someone out there has to at least like it too, right?

3. I'm kinda like a bridge between what professional bloggers are wearing, and what a college student like me could wear on the weekends, basically outfit inspo.

4. Next point, I link my clothes. Like what I'm wearing? Just click the link to get your own!

5. I like to try new things. From different types of food (like my first Acai bowl) to going to new places, and I document it all!

6. About 90% of bloggers don't stick to their site, I do. So keep up with my stuff and watch as it only gets better & better.

This was also my second day at the Bloguettes workshop. The speaker that day was Brandy Pham, the creator of the Planoly app for Insta. It allows me to plan out my instagram posts and is super helpful!

Shorts : Kendall and Kylie Collection at Pacsun (similar)



  1. yes i read it.. thanks for sharing your views

  2. Well you got some valid points there love! Have a lovely start of the week! x


  3. Thanks for listing the reasons why you blog, I totally related with he urge to put your blog on social media and not trying to seem pushy! Great post <3


  4. This is really nice post. I think trying to find the balance of promoting your blog and also not to promote it way too much is so hard. I struggle with it myself. I love your outfit btw, so pretty.

    1. It definitely can be a struggle! Thanks girl!

  5. Get it girl! Keep it up.

    xx, Amy