Biggie, Biggie, Biggie, Can't You See?

...We have the best fam, you & me.

Big/Little Reveal is one of the best times of the year for Greek life! Since I am a new member, I recently became a little and got the best big! Her name is Jill and she's amazing! My family is perfect and GORGE! I am so lucky I got into the family I wanted, and had such a cute theme. The girls popped out of their decorated boxes in the house, and each of the themes were adorable! It was nerve wrecking trying to guess who got who, as well as meeting so many great girls, but so worth it! My biggie got me the cutest Gamma Phi gifts, and everything that I like from dark chocolate to Lilly Pulitzer cups. I cannot wait to eventually get a litte and add on to my family.

The before.. Her theme was the show Friends! Mine was a southern theme

My family includes my big, her twin & her new little, my grand-big, and my great grand-big

My pledge class in all of our themed outfits. From top left to bottom: Saved by the Bell, Camo, Friends, Gossip Girl, Southern, Cinderella, Lilo & Stitch, "Lit", Southern, Camo, "Lit", Mean Girls, Blue's Clues, NOLA, and the 70's.



  1. gorgeous outfit!
    come and joy my EOS giveaway

  2. You are making me miss my college days! :) I was in Gamma Phi Beta at Cal State Fullerton!! :)

    xo Raina

    1. No way! That's awesome! It's so much fun, I love it