Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

...I love him & he loves me too!
This was my first Valentines Day with Josh & it was perfect! When we first started talking we would always go to Austin to walk around & the first time he held my hand we were sitting on steps at UT looking down the street at the capital. It was perfect to go back to Austin for Valentines since we have so many memories there. This time was different however. We went to eat at PF Chang's after walking down South Congress (An Austin to-do) & then went to graffiti park. While there we had a great idea to buy our own spray paint & tag the Hope Outdoor Gallery. By the time we got back to graffiti park it was late so seeing all the city lights was perfect.

Our initials just happened to already be painted when we got there so we took a picture... We're obviously meant to be! 

We spray painted a white heart with an arrow threw it that said forever in the middle. You can barely see our initials J + B on the bottom of it. 

My necklace was of course Kendra Scott and my dress was from