College Life

As finals come to and end and my third semester of college finishes, i realized this year kicked my butt; however I kicked it right back because this is the first semester I will be making the deans list! I learned a lot and for once would like to do a typical college post about all the little tips and tricks I have found out about getting through college.

1. Prioritizing is key! Planners saved my life and finding time for everything is almost possible if you try your hardest!

2. Grades come first (after God of course) and you have to be willing to put in every effort and don't just get by. Honestly making the best grade you can feels amazing.

3. Fun comes next. Fun with friends, family, and partying. But don't forget to mix a little happiness into a weekly routine.

4. Eat healthy! Living in my apartment has forced me to be choosy about what I eat, & I am glad to do so because I enjoy all the things that I eat. Eating healthy honestly makes me feel way better compared to the usual fast food.

5. Cliche but I had to say it... Work out. I'm no fitness guru but it really helps especially to take a study break or to relieve tension from a midterm. 

6. Dress up. My routine is to wear laid back clothes and minimal makeup to class, however, once the weekend comes, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are my days to go all out with hair, makeup, and outfits

7. Naps are crucial! Sleeping can seriously take my mood from a 1 to a 10 every time.

8. Find your stress relief because whether it is taking to a friend, intramural teams, taking long baths (which I have done numerously), or going to the batting cages (which I am also guilty of), it helps more then you would think

9. Be open to new people. Self explanatory, but as my mom recently told me, the world goes 'round because of all the different people, find the ones you like, but still appreciate the ones you don't

10. Lastly, have fun. (Different from number 3) Enjoy every minute of it, every test, every night out, every early class the next morning, every fight with your roommate, all the stress and worry, all the memories to be made because there is very few times that you will be living in a cohesive environment with individuals who are studying to better themselves and share a common goal and motive.