A Letter To...

A Letter to My Boy with His Hat Back,

Remember the time it was raining super hard when we had the top down so we got soaked & had to pull over & we ran in the rain & you kissed me? Hey, you know I love your little swag? I hate that word, but I don't know what else to call it because I don't like saying you're cool since we both know I'm cooler than you! I love how gentle you are with me (except when you threw me on the bed & almost missed...smh) & how you put up with every single one of my moods because that alone is a full time job! I'm so grateful you're learning to country dance because you think it's fun & it makes me happy & I'm not lying when I tell your you're not half bad! Thank you for staying by my side through every bad mood, meltdown, cry sesh, and annoyance that comes my way, for that I am truly grateful. I hope you always know that I mean it every time I say I see more potential then even you know. I see so much more in you then most people and you have an amazing soul. Yes I said soul. Speaking of soul, thank you for going to church with me and listening to me as I rant about faith because even though it is hard for me to explain, I hope one day you get exactly how much it means to me because it really does mean so much. You listening to me as much as you do is incredible since I was taught to never expect so much effort out of a boy, but you are the exception. I see the way you look at me and I hope you know that the feeling is not only mutual, but I double-y love you to the moon and back. I see my whole future with you and not a plan goes through my head without seeing you standing there by my side. You make me my happiest & let me just be me & I'm grateful for you just being you. I love you Joshua Moncada, just by knowing you I will never be the same.

P.s. This post is how I am going to introduce my blog to him