Touchdowns and Tailgates

It's game day! While football season is in full swing and tailgates can be seen on every college campus around town it's super important to know what to wear for the occasion. Just like fashion trends, tailgate season outfits have changed as well. While a t-shirt with your team and jeans shorts are great, flow-y dresses and boots are a go-to. Kendra Scotts and other dangling jewelry can make or break the entire outfit. Pictured are some of my favorite ideas for game day.

 Trade the jeans for a black skirt or material-ed shorts from Francesca's paired with your teams colors for your top. A tattoo of the mascot on your cheek makes the whole look

 Boots may just be a Texas tradition but they make every dress 10x cuter especially paired with sunglasses

White dresses are a staple for games because they are one of the only colors that you can wear without having to wear your school or teams colors. Also Instagram posts are way cuter when they are candids verses posed pictures
Here's a picture of my friends and I at a football game. First game of the year and reppin' maroon and gold!

Only the last two pictures are my own, the pictures above I got off Pinterest and more can be found by searching "Game Day Outfits"