Carvings and Cravings

Pumpkins were carved at the apartment today! We all went down and carved our own. I carved out the word "BOO" in a thought bubble, one of my roommates carved out a bobcat, and my other roommate attempted to create a scary scene of a ghost as well as a spooky tree. The tree however had issues but stayed on at least for a picture!
After my pumpkin carving skills were put to the test, my roommates and I saved the seeds and toasted them for eating.
Pictured are the steps to baking the seeds and I should mention I did not use direct measurements, but eyed everything I used.


 We added Garlic Salt for flavoring but it can be seasoned to your liking

I rinsed the seeds in a strainer and took out the excess pumpkins insides

 I placed the seeds on a pan and sprinkled them with olive oil, garlic salt, and table salt

I set to 350 degrees and left for about 15 minutes until they started to turn more golden

Today I simply wore a long sleeve and shorts that were not shown.



  1. Yum yum! I ripped the stuffing out of my pumpkin too, but didn't think about baking the seeds.