Costumes Galore, Costumes to Adore

Searching for last minute costumes? Here are my top picks for last minute costumes. For the most part they are relatively easy to scrounge up, a few were bought, and some even made. Add on to make them more over the top or dress them down for a more simplistic look, but then again when dressing up it's always more fun to go over the top!

This is my flapper outfit from my 20th birthday party. (Hmm...that gave me an idea for another post) 
I got this dress filled with fringe from Party City and wore layers and layers of pearls. Besides the boa the only thing I felt I was lacking the whole night was a sparkly headband. My friend dressed in 1920's attire complete with bowtie and suspenders. 

My boyfriend & I were bikers for a costume party and let me tell you full on leather is HOT in both senses of the word. I wore red lipstick, fake tattoos, a bandana, black on black leather pants, leather booties, and a leather jacket. My boyfriend wore a leather vest, fake tattoos, a white tank top and black jeans. 

While I did not try as hard for this outfit, I was in love with my makeup. I was a scarecrow and used eyeliner for the "seams" on my face and exaggerated pink blush. I would have rather had a straw hat, maybe some cute overalls and some brown fringe booties. My friend on the left was a frat daddy and wore an oversized, half tucked in shirt, long socks, big shorts, a backwards hat and Sperrys. My friend in the middle was a goth and went with dark makeup and a black dress and necklace. 

So this picture I threw in for fun and my boyfriend would kill me if he knew I put this on the internet! He was Bam Bam for halloween about a few years back! He hates this picture but I think he's adorable!

For my actual Halloween costume, I ended up being a mermaid. Thanks to my cousin, it was a homemade costume to which i added waves in my hair and glitter on my arms and face.
Happy Halloween!