Polyvore Post

Yesterday I was going through my closet looking for an outfit to wear since it was the weekend (I only dress up on the weekends since I get too focused on school) and I could not decide what to wear if someone paid be $100. I went through that little panic attack all girls get when they feel that they do not have enough clothes or the right clothes, and I walked away from the situation and did my hair instead. What I figured out the real problem was I was not sure about the temperature outside and I had clothes for very cold weather and very warm weather. My answer would end up to obviously be layers. While I was still not content in the end with my outfit, I decided to go through Polyvore and figure out some possible options so that will not happen again in this transition season.

Day Out

Sweater weather

Sweet Suede

Sweet Suede by bri-trev featuring a floppy hat

So here are some of my top picks for a cooler weather outfit made by yours truly!