My Favorite Bloggers + Life Update

I wanted to take a moment and shine a light on some of my biggest inspiration! I aim to one day have a blog just as amazing as these lovely ladies! They have awesome posts and pictures, as well as the cutest Instas! While there are many bloggers that I look up to and read their blogs, these are just a few of my true favorites! Check out their blogs and add them on Instagram!

This girl has the cutest pictures and I seriously envy her style! So girly chic! She also updates pretty much daily so you never have to miss out on her adorable outfits!

This girl constantly updates her blog and I never miss reading a post! Her pictures are amazing, I get so jealous! Each one always looks like a Pinterest image!

I love Victoria's cute and feminine style! Her blog is so fun and I love the videos at the end! Her outfits are always so wearable and can always be duplicated.. perfect blogging material!

The cutest boho styled blog definitely goes to the Trendy Chickadee! I wish I could pull off half of the outfits she wears! She is a huge promoter as well so I love seeing all of the blogger mail she receives. 

As for me, when this blog post goes up I will be in Spain! I am so excited to be traveling out of the country! I am grateful for the experience especially with my family and boyfriend! I have a few fun summer plans such as this trip and one more small one. I have attained a summer internship at a PR agency and I am so so SO excited about that and about learning so much from these awesome people! I also made the Dean's List once again and I am so glad after a tough semester. I have one more year of college left so I have some awesome posts coming up for that as well as for this upcoming summer!

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  1. Thanks girlie! Love your blog and I hope you have a wonderful time in Spain!!


  2. Thanks for sharing! I love to meet new fashion bloggers!

    1. For sure! These girls are definitely some of the best!

  3. Have a blast in Spain!!!! Take lots of pictures