Healthy Hair, Don't Care

I thought I'd share some hair care tips that you do not always hear. We know we should cut our hair regularly, and not wash our hair everyday, but I have pretty healthy hair and I wanted to share some of the things I do for my hair. 
First, I actually wash my hair every day, but that is because I work out almost every day, so I have to, I also condition it with a Pantene detox conditioner, and that is basically my whole hair secret in one.
I don't use heat on my hair for school, just on the weekends, and I spray it with tons of heat protectant, especially focusing on the ends. 
BIG TIP: spray heat protectant on your hair when you are outside on a hot day! It makes a difference.
Use a hair mask on days when your taking a longer shower (i.e when you shave) and do it about once every two weeks.
Eat healthy! It works wonders for every part of the body.
Lastly and most importantly... only dye your hair a a salon, and a really good one! One that only uses the best products, don't go just based off the people, everyone is great, products is what matters.

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  1. I used to wash my hair every day too before I dyed it and everyone kept telling me how bad it was for my hair, but I felt it was fine! Haha great post :)

    1. Definitely better to skip days! Thanks for reading!