Las Vegas Sign

So back to my trip to Vegas... my boyfriend and I were total tourists and definitely had to go check out the famous Las Vegas sign! We literally rushed over there and it was getting dark so we had to take quick pictures before the sun went down. Since Nevada is a desert, in true desert fashion is gets super cold at night, so naturally I was freezing in my crop top and shorts.

Let's talk about my crop top and shorts for a sec. While I adore both pieces, I wish my shorts were a little more high waisted because I was a uncomfortable showing so much skin honestly. I convinced myself at least I am in Vegas so I will probably receive less judgment because there are naked people walking around everywhere! At least all my essentials are covered up! I hate that girls have to be so worried about what they wear. But at the same time I totally understand the other side. Keeping a balance between covered up and a little less coverage is super important. Ultimately being comfortable in whatever you wear as long as you are happy is what is more important to me.

While I would not wear this crop top without high waisted shorts again, it was a good excuse to cause me to think differently about the situation. Just some food for thought.

 Lulu Crop : Sundae Muse // Black Denim Shorts : Forever 21



  1. Amazing pictures! I also love your outfit! x


  2. I think you look amaze in your outfit babe; but I totally feel you on the comfort part - if you're self-conscious or uncomfortable about what you're wearing, it totally ruins your mood!


  3. When I was in Vegas I totally snapped a picture in front of this sign as well- so classic!

  4. I've been to Vegas many times but have never actually visited the Las Vegas sign. I'll have to put it on my list for the next time I visit. Love your outfit btw!

    xoxo Rina Samantha

    1. It is a great tourist attraction! Thanks girl!