Friday Faves

Yes! It is Friday!
 *que the 5 second dance party*
I wanted to share a few fun sites, some items I am loving right now, and some helpful tips! Hope you enjoy and have a happy weekend!

1. My favorite workout Youtuber is Boho Beautiful! My friend Lauren showed me her channel and I love doing her workouts and a mini yoga sesh!

2. Sunnies that I have been eyeing! I have been wanting some cute new sun glasses that aren't aviators!

3. My Fridge Foods is a website where you can check off the ingredients in your fridge and it gives you recipes to make using whatever you have!

4. I just bought this Pink Off the Shoulder dress from Asos! I'll be doing a post about it asap, only $28!

5. One of my Favorite posts I made!  

p.s. I took the Friday picture from Pinterest. Follow me here!