Blogging Resolutions

 For my first post of 2017 I thought that I would make some blogging resolutions! (Pretty cliche for a first post I know.) But along with my resolutions for blogging I am going to be even more basic and make a resolution to eat healthier, be healthier, and lose weight. This post will probably be my starting point post, hence me showing so much skin in winter. By summer time, I want to be at my goal weight, so stay tuned for health and wellness posts as well as updates!
Onto my resolutions!

1. I want enhance my pictures and learn how to use my camera even more! Honestly little by little Josh and I are getting there!

2. NEVER make a post I am not at least 90% happy with! No more filler posts on my blog!

3. Create better content that my readers will want to see. Leave comments below to help me with this one! 

4. Learn how to increase my views to a wider audience

5. Lastly, be happy with what I create and post, not care what people think about it as long as I am happy with how it looks

Sports Bra : Forever 21 // Leggings : Forever 21 // Shoes : Nike Roshe One



  1. Loving that this post was about blogging resolutions! I have some similar goals for my blog too! Cute workout attire!

    xoxo Rina Samantha

    1. Thanks so much! I hope you reach all of your blogging goals!

  2. Great goals! Good luck this year on achieving all of them :)

    xx, Amy