Colored Jeans, and Christmas Things

Christmas time is my favorite time of the year. There are lights all over the city and everything is Merry and Bright! I am listening to nothing but Christmas music and eating lots of sweets! So this leads me to my post about how to stay healthy during the holidays. 

1. Drink tons of water! It is easy to lose track of your calories and water is one way to keep that down
2. Get a membership at a gym so you can keep up a workout, even at home
3. Even cheaper, do at home workouts! Run around the neighborhood with family or a friend, youtube is usually my best friend with at home workouts
4. It's not easy to control yourself from those great holiday meals, so the meals you do control, like breakfast, eat well since it's your choice what you eat
5. Balance dessert with a sweat sesh the next day
6. Sleep well. I always feel so much better after great sleep!
7. Most importantly the most healthy thing is to be happy with your family this season

Jeans : Charlotte Russe (ONLY $20!) // Sweater : Pac Sun (similar from Nordstrom) // Necklace : Morning Lavendar (similar)



  1. I love colored jeans, especially olive and burgundy! They are my go-to's when I'm not wearing typical blue/white/black denim. Love this look! xo, sharon

    1. Colored jeans are definitely a must! Glad you think so too!

  2. You're such a cutie and that sweater looks super comfy!


    1. You're so sweet! It is soooo comfortable!!

  3. you look so pretty :)! I following your blog, follow back :)?

  4. you look so beautful bebe