Orange You Glad It's Not All Pink?

Our family recently went on a small road trip to Houston, Texas. I have been there a few times, and each time we always go to a different part of the city. There is such a diversity there and many things to do. We visited NASA for my little brother, and since it was fourth of July weekend, we watched the fireworks at the Kemah Boardwalk. I had so much fun at the boardwalk. The water was beautiful and I am a sucker for rollercoasters. 

Of course I had to make a quick stop for photo ops. How cute is this color wall in downtown Houston?! I really wish I could post the polaroid I took of my boyfriend and I at this wall with all the colors! It is a perfect picture! 

I loved this outfit for the weekend. A little dressy since I paired it with brown wedges, but I loved it nonetheless. I also have paired this outfit with boots for a country concert. (Lucky In Love With Luke-y) I love the floral print and the dark blue color accents my skin tone.

Romper : Impeccable Pig // Shoes : Aldo's (similar



  1. Beautiful outfit! Looking stunning as usual babe! x

    Have a nice week,

    1. You're so sweet! Same to you Andreea!

  2. Beautiful look! Lovely outfit on you!