National Best Friends Day

It may be a little late for a post but I just wanted to show a little appreciation to some important people in my life. I am so thankful for every one of them and couldn't do life without them.

Kathy Erin Vega
Hey Heather! Your my best friend that is the most like me in so many ways. You're the one that will forever fill my high school memories. From screaming down the hallways, to laughing at the stupidest jokes that only we get. I love you and it will always be "you and me against the world." 

My little makeup artist. I think you're the funniest thing ever! You are forever randomly falling asleep, and when we go out we have to tell you ATLEAST two hours early, but you look hot! I love talking Kardashians & clothes with you. Ugh your perf! Love you! 

I won't call you what I really want to call you because you'll hate me! (It is what I have you in my phone as.) Anytime I need a serious decision made I go to you. Or to complain. I'm so incredibly proud of you and how dedicated you are to all you do. Thanks for always being there. 

Hey BFF! You've been my best friend the longest. Even though we don't talk every day I know I can text you any second and you'll be there, like when I called you the night Josh asked me to be his girlfriend and you barely had heard about him yet. You are also amazing at makeup! (Thanks for my prom makeup btw). I know we'll always be friends. Love you! 

Your my best friend too! I say that all the time and I truly mean it! We have so many memories, and I forever want to spend every second with you. We even have a fur baby together! You're amazing my love and your the best thing that has happened to me babe! 



  1. It so cool that you ave so much good friends around you!! Friends are very important in every human's life!

  2. Aaw, this is so cute! You're both dead pretty! :) x
    Helena - Swedish girl in Tokyo