Pinterest Post

I always look at how girls dress as I am walking through the Quad at school, and take note of what they are wearing if I like their outfits. For this post, I thought I would give a few examples that I found off of Pinterest of some outfits perfect for school. I like to dress comfortable, and every once in a while a little cute. I found all of these outfits on Pinterest by typing "school outfits", and none of these pictures are mine! Almost all of these pictures are also featured in other original websites so check that out as well. To see some of them on my Pinterest, I have my social media accounts in the sidebar.

 I wear outfits like these myself, and some of them I see girls at school wear as well. 

This outfit looks so comfortable, and I live by Keds! White Keds to be exact. I love them because they are cute and are able to take on hills and stairs.

This is probably my go-to outfit. Black leggings and oversized shirt with my little backpack. One thing that I do when I feel like really dressing down is to usually straighten my hair so I have some sort of balance. 

The cap and Nike's are the ultimate cute and sporty look. Okay I don't even play sports but they somehow come off as really girly and are such an easy thing to throw on. P.S. monograms are life.

Okay tell me she does not look so comfortable! Jeggings are the only kind of jeans I wear, and a plain t-shirt (especially a softer material) looks like you tried a bit harder that day!

Balance. Her hair is in a messy bun, but she put on makeup that day. Also never underestimate the power of cute sunglasses. They can instantly make an outfit. I use them mostly when I forget to put on mascara but I mean who leaves the house without mascara?

*All images from Pinterest